I want to give freedom!

I want to give it now

To the African child

thrust into warfare at random

to the the millions starving men, women, and children

to the thousands of kids 

who are told they can't be someone

We all need someone to break our chains

to deliver us from external

or personal oppression and depression

I desire to slowly but surely eradicate pain

and change my environment for the better

maybe I can set a trend

or amend hearts broken 

by crumbled relationships or a hate letter

Yes, I will defend, amend, and commend

for those who cant speak for themselves

for those who cant act for themselves

to show a beginning for those who only see an end

But first, before all this 

I must free myself

of all my weights, all my self-imposed restrictions

and evaporate them in the fire without even a hiss.

I want to give freedom!



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