Crossed Lines

Life is not easy, so why should we make it harder

There are lines in the sand and heartache in the hearts of millions


When you make a child cry you have crossed a line

When you laugh at another’s pain you have crossed a line

Do not think that you are better because we are equal

Equality extends beyond color, beyond age, beyond size, beyond IQ scores

When you sit by and do nothing, you have crossed a line

When you turn away from a hurt face, you have crossed a line

We have become distant

We have become unfeeling

We have become cold

You say “Their pain is not my business”

You say “That is their family, not mine”

But why do we expect the victims to become the victors without help

Why do we sit and stare as a stranger is abused

Stranger is such a loose term

Our differences are so much less than our similarities

So why can you not see that this is your business

This is your duty, opportunity

Answer me, because if you can’t, you have crossed a line

Interference is only a penalty in games

In life, it could save lives

So when you look in a mirror and don’t like what you see

Come speak to me

Hear my words and decide

Do you want to cross a line?

 Or do you want to change this world into one with no lines at all?


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