What You Can Do to make EVERYTHING AWESOME!

Every day you live your life becomes more awesome.

Vitality fills your breath every second you stand on this earth.

Exuberance should you fill your mind as you think about who you are

Relationships with people make you who are and what you will become.

You should yearn for more of what life can offer you.

Think of what you could do to make your life and other’s better

Happiness is such a simple gift you can give.

Imagine what the world could become if everyone had a positive outlook.

Negligence has no benefactor.

Gratitude is what should fill our hearts.

Inspiration is what we all long for.

Sustenance is something we all need.

Apathy will never make a change.

Wisdom has no purpose without passion.

Expressing what you believe in is the father of innovation.

Satisfaction will come to those who fight for what they believe in.

Oppression is something we all must face

Mutuality will always have to be fought for

Efficacy can be achieved if we work together.

(Now read the first letter of every sentence and see what I am trying to say.)

This poem is about: 
Our world


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