Thu, 10/09/2014 - 22:42 -- elvira

i feel trapped


like in a closed box

i look around

faces all around me

passing me by

forgetting im here

i yell and scream

but no one stops

their eyes looking straight at me

no one sees the pain  i feel

the pain within

the loneliness

and aching for something

greater than myself

how long would it be 

before someone

sees im not there

that im there

and then would they remember

they did nothing

they didnt care enough

or not at all

this world they call a place of oppurtunity

is a world full of lies

and broken hearts

hope is hard to find

and love even harder

what would it take

to have it

and be grateful

when will someone stand

and say enough

i will help you

and i will help her 

i will push aside

pride and hate

and do something greater

than money can buy




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