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In the light I awaken, in my mothers womb in my mothers house in my dirty hands in dirt.    In the dark I ponder,  in the office in the papers filled with numbers
Just want to come to u again Oh! Past, Why were u lost.   Oh! Past, You were my old host, No fear from Ghosts, But you made me lost.
I used to be free However, now I do see The chains bound to me
My calendar screamed at me Reminding me of my deadlines Urging me to flee From all responsibilities
On the corner looking at the window The world is ahead Full of dreams full of wonder too eager to be a part of that chaos again After staying idle for a while ‘knew it was time to move and be useful
it's not that we are not aware of our individual situations it's just that human nature gets the most out of us  and we let human stubborness lead us we merely choose not to dwell and do something
i'm not upset i'm not upset i'm not upset i'mnotupseti'mnotupseti'mnotupset i'mnotcrying i'mokay i'll be alive tomorrow and life will move on and what i'm left out of and what i don't get
We can't judge others it down... NOW!!!
English is a language far too complex, Ordinary man or scholar it will perplex. It seems nothing will translate directly, Because it cannot be expressed correctly.
It is time for me to speak, my head is filled with words, But my mouth says otherwise. My life contains unclimble peaks, out of this world, But people tell me to clime to the skies.
Mirror mirror on the wall Do you see me thin and tall? School is rough, the kids don't see The person I'm truly destined to be I try and smile or force a laugh All behind a face that's masked
1)It's funny how things always Go from bad to even worse. It's like everything She touches Inherits her curse.
I take a deep breath as I stand in the dark,
Has anyone ever told you don't let sex make you a mother before love makes you a wife? If they haven't then thats the reality of life.
...As I learn, 
"Lets get a selfie." #__ #___ #___ What is #? Is it a symbol of peace in which two fingers combine to make a conjent peace sign? Is it to make your statement sound exciting to get likes?
My curtain hides so much it has tears Behind my big 18 year old happy body There is a depression, overweight girl The depression from a love who passed way too young 
The Girl Behind Her Tears & Fears 18 years old, her mom walked out that door, she didnt want to be there anymore. 
What do I leave for myself when the world has rung me dry. What have you left me with when you've picked me clean. Call me a broken down shelf, a tired little thing.
How many fake smiles Have you put on before? When inside your beating heart Is broken and torn. How many tears  Has your pillow held at night? When you lay there, broken,
Everybody has responsibilities to uphold... The question is though Do you uphold them to the fullest? Women! Babies are having babies and they give the responsibility to their moms
    Once just a boy Wretched beast against the foul Earth Entered a coffee shop, when I was but a cloud of a man No thoughts, hush hush, chop chop, then Pencil and paper, whispered to each other
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