The fault of the top

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 03:10 -- marec

On the corner

looking at the window

The world is ahead

Full of dreams full of wonder

too eager to be a part of that chaos again

After staying idle for a while

‘knew it was time to move and be useful


Found a decent start

Mere decent

Somehow, enough

Enough for a day

Enough for a while

But not enough forever




But wants more

Needs more


On the corner

A simple prayer said

To find a decent start

To stop all the monsters

To halt all the troubles

To cease all the burdens

Caught with wanting it to bad

Believing that it’s all that matters

And everything will flow

Normal and okay


Things are normal

Things are okay

But within is the want

For more, for much

More than just a decent start

To pursue, to have and to live

The life wanted

The life planned

The life destined


The line continues

No stop, no halt

Agitated, anxious,

Mind rushing

Head burning

Heart throbbing


Needs more

Wants more

And again, restless

And again, wandering

And again, chasing

Perhaps, this is the fault of success


The fault of getting

Of having

Of attaining

Of achieving

Of reaching

Something wanted

Something needed

Something dreamt


It is the never ending want

Never ending need

And never ending dream


All because life is not stationary

It is a forward motion,

After one, comes another

And it goes on, on and on…


Until the final station.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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