It'll Be Over Soon

i'm not upset i'm not upset i'm not upset




i'll be alive tomorrow

and life will move on

and what i'm left out of

and what i don't get

won't matter next week

or next month or next year

and when my tears dry

i mean i have no tears

but soon life will be better

and the heavy weights i feel now

will be lifted

just a few more steps

a few more hours

a few more days

soon it will be gone

and relief will be here

like lemonade on a hot summer's day

but the heat is beating down so hard

and my sunburns won't heal

and the tattoo on my wrist is fading

fading fast

and i think i may be fading with it

don't take me yet

i'm almost done

just a few more minutes

a few more hours

a few more days

i'll be done soon

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