Contained In Empty Smiles

Sun, 11/02/2014 - 05:02 -- FBueno4


It is time for me to speak, my head is filled with words,

But my mouth says otherwise.

My life contains unclimble peaks, out of this world,

But people tell me to clime to the skies.

Looks are decieving, I have a smile up for display,

But the real me is in corner crying.

Don't want others knowing, I tell my friends I'm okay,

But the real me is dying.

The chackles are pulling me down, I want to brake free and finally feel,

But the darkness that contains me is too deep.

I want to continue my life and make my future real,

But my legs are too weak to make that leap.

So I hide behind the enormous curtains of grins and laughter,

Hoping people get the hits I let out.

Wishing I can live a life long enough to see a future a daghter,

A life to travel with a carefree lifestyle carried out.






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