1)It's funny how things always


1)It's funny how things always
Go from bad to even worse.
It's like everything She touches
Inherits her curse.

2)She's unlucky in love
She can't settle down.
Shell never get away
From this small town.

3)She's awkwardly tall.
Her joints are all crippled.
All she does is say one word,
And its automatically rippled.

4)Sure She is smart
A cheerleader too
But all the dark things
Are just past your view.

5)This "perfect" girl
Struggles with weight.
Says things too early
Or very very late.

6)She has a bad habit
Of using her blade.
To paint gorgeous pictures
Of cuts it is made.

7)You never suspected
You never even assumed
That maybe that apple
Was all she consumed.

8)You never asked why
Her laugh was so fake.
Or why she always
Passes on birthday cake.

9)You probably never wondered
About her make up.
Why it's on her wrists
What she's covering up.

10)It's not her fault
That you don't ask
But don't blame yourself
It's a pretty good mask.

11)Tall blonde and beautiful
Is what they might say.
They don't know the "night" her
Only the "day".

12)Someday she'll show them
What they had missed
Maybe one day soon,
She'll just get too pissed

13)She'll cut a little too deep
Or skip one too many meals.
Then like an onion,
She'll begin to peel.

14)The perfect decoy
The amazing facade
Destroyed by The "stupid"
decision she made.

15)but who really knows
It could last forever.
All of her connections
She may then sever.

16)She really is miserable
But she does this for you.
She wants you to be happy,
No longer blue.

17)she takes all the pain
That you'll ever feel
Inflicts it on herself
To make sure that it's real.

18)Reality is harsh
What's a truth and a lie?
Maybe one day
They'll all say goodbye

19)maybe shell go crazy
Or she'll be fine
All I know is
I want to make her mine


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