The Girl Behind Her Tears & Fears


The Girl Behind Her Tears & Fears

18 years old, her mom walked out that door, she didnt want to be there anymore. 

19 years old, her dad tried to find a place to go, with a single income he knew the house was about to go.

20 years old, she suddenly lost her dad. He was gone and she was on her own. 


Twenty, independent, confused, and alone. Only she could figure out where to go. 

Her thoughts began to eat her alive,  every day and in every way.

Flashbacks, tears, and fears, they came, for PTSD, anxiety, and depression were trying to take her away.

But she knew she couldn't be that girl who would drown, she needed to let go of her frown. 

The past is the past, and it must be let go. 


As others watched her struggle, she only wanted to be strong. 

To move on, to let go, and to be her own.

She knew she was the one to define herself.

To learn to be strong without anyone else, for her father taught her how to be strong. 

Her thoughts consumed her, the could haves, would haves, and should haves, only she could overcome. 


Her time spent with her dad was memorable, but God took him way too fast.  What started with a simple cough lead to a final rest. 

She knew he'd want her to be strong, not fearful. 

She fought and still fights everyday to be the strong girl who conquers whatever comes her way. 

Her time spent with her dad was precious, him being there for her first breath and her being there for his last.

But now as he watches from above, he spreads his wings and flys. He will see what she's overcome. And see how strong she has become. 



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