Thu, 05/12/2016 - 02:55 -- marec

it's not that we are not aware of our individual situations

it's just that human nature gets the most out of us 

and we let human stubborness lead us

we merely choose not to dwell and do something

after all, at times, we rather choose laxity than responsibility

we need to face life as it is...


'been through a lot

'risked for life

and almost gave up

but with the help of some people

'managed to hold on

and take the consequences 


life is not easy

it is never made to be

we risk and take the consequences

that's how living is...


we need to move on from every pit

we need to do something 

if ever we look back

look back with a smile


in the past were boxes of experiences

in the present are boxes that are experiences

in the future are to be boxes that are to be experiences


each has its place and use

we do not live backwards

we move ahead 

we ...LIVE.


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Our world


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