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Tupac, JoJo, Dooski All Gone Shot After Shot My Idols Drowned In Their Own Misery How Could They Just Die ?  Just Vaporized Into The Air Spirits Fly High But Tears RemainsLost I Lost Them All 2 To Gun Violence My Life Remains Dazed N Lost They Fel
A kid only seventeen got his dad to buy me from the store today. I've been used before so I wasn't scared anyway. I belonged to a family of four for  protection, but I had a feeling this was different.
As I sit in the corridor I hear BANG Everyone's screaming yelling and crying But I turned to my side just to see the person right next to me Screaming in pain as I sat and watched him bleed because I didn't know what to do
Throw your words at us, Toss out your lies; When they see our faces Make sure no one cries. Tears have been shed for those who have bled, and a loooong way we haven’t come- too many dead.
Another Orlando. Another Aurora. Another Columbine. Another Stoneman Douglass. Forget not colored skins who never made it to the headlines; Forget not the unarmed Stephon, the hoodied Trayvon;
On average, ninety one people a day are killed by a gun.  Ninety one people with stories, with families and friends, people with problems.
When i was
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray dear lord my soul you’ll keep I Wake up in a strange place Not knowing where or even who I was
Sadness spreads Tears shed Hear a mother's cry Headaches Her heart breaks
It was warm and thick, the blood that rushed between my fingers. I could hear him whimpering and it was a sound that entered my ears, and lingered.
This one is for my brothers With the mocha skin and full lips This one is for my sisters With the kinky hair and big hips This one is for everyone who represents Trayvon Martin Always facing racial profiling
The sun is shiningThere is laughter in the airBoom! There is silence 
Were we there, do we know? Do we know true facts for sure? its our minds who believe what we're told. who ever caused it, there hearts are cold. the one that were there know and the guilt will show.
  Murderous” Watchmen Lurking in the fog of night. Our judgment?  Voiceless.
You are cowards. Hiding behind words of false wisdom. You are no better than  The baby killer you set free, With your twisted logic And sickening cliché irony. Why is it that when
My brother a little older than I, where have you gone? where are you? come home if you may, We have school tomorrow, it's your senior year, your whole life ahead of you.   OH, wait,
Two legs to walk the earth. Two arms to grasp at the clouds. Two hands to tug at your daddy's beard. Five fingers take your mommy's curls in your hand. Ten toes to stand on to reach the top of the shelf.
  There are no rules to the fight I fight. There are some things the battle seems to want me to know. Trust no one, not even yourself. When people say they are there - don't ask for their help.
POW! POW! POW! Wait! Life has to see- POW! POW! POW! The slimy-spunned around crime of intestines- POW! POW! POW! Why can't you stop, my friend is- POW! POW! POW!
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