Gun Play

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 16:03 -- Raycizm

When i was little


We would moonwalk horizons star chasing


Our lives contained by grass fences wielding, Water glocks... and called it gunplay.

Onomotopoppin off gate locks to make our lives a little less safe


Moms were the boss and dads were M.I.A

8 dollars got all of us candy and brother replaced cousin in the description between us I was the youngest...

Which means i did a lot of watching

My eyes served as polaroids shaking constantly like telescopes trying to focus on the right,


In the distance hoping time would stop again


Just long enough to listen To every curse word shared through whispers


What happens when adults aren't present happens, no snitching but


I didn't know dirty mouths would pollute your intentions


That hose water would be replaced by bullets that sprayed differently every night


I prayed you'd stay dry


You were always good at hide and go seek,

But i guess I couldn't find you at the family reunion

They said you kept trying to fly away so they caged you in hopes you'd soon sing a different song right, wrongs left on a gun charge and all i could say was


That you play too much


Do you read the bible mister Hightower?


Or has your sky scraped too much hate to cultivate faith

your fate hangs straight down how unsafe my damie


Jake doesn't want to cut YOU a piece of the cake my damie great! you couldn't pootie tang with cocaine all shaky bricks quake your foundation when they took you it was crazy


We blame the environment you were given to graze in


with no fences to play within when you just trying to make it you know i'm with you my nigga


But what am I going to tell your mom when they hit YOU my nigga?

Say if you ain't get them they woulda


.... They got you my nigga


I just wish you would've had someone to talk to instead of becoming another martyr think of your daughter my nigga I feel responsible water guns wet alot of my niggas, how do you go from...


Firing squads on a lot of black men

To squads of black men firing like its sodom in my home town

Stop it!

We're killing us slowly and sweetly sweeping it under the rug this isn't fun anymore


This ain't a game of tag you're not fast enough to run anymore

You think its by chance that They murder kids?

They Murder kids here

And i'm going to talk about it

Because I don't deserve to be safe here where is obama at?

Why are all these moms in tears?

Divided funerals

Like we had a civil war in here

And they shoot you whether you're dark or not

Like Gallows in church parking lots

Hollow point pens draw guns on the innocent until art is cropped

Out here, moms plan funerals for their sons

Why is that hard to stop?

Obviously not big enough to be noticed but not hard to box

Young people die every day it's not hard to clock

Clean black streets but leave red stains like thats hard to mop

I pray to god... That the sun comes out


It’s a really nice day

I already asked your mom


Can you come out to play?


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