Life of 9 mm Gun

A kid only seventeen got his dad to buy me from the store today.

I've been used before so I wasn't scared anyway. I belonged to a family of four for 

protection, but I had a feeling this was different.

The kid told his dad thanks without being asked his intentions.

He wrapped me in socks and put me in his drawer.

Days went on.

He came home angry and pacing, wanting to kill.

I wondered why he wanted to use me and didn't have a way to feel.

The next day he stuffed me in his back pack with bullets, more guns, and a mask

I wondered where are his parents and thought "This is all mad".

At school he waited for the bell and sat by the stairs,

he put me under his shirt and waited for a teacher to get there.

Finally a lady just doing her job says,

"Josh why aren't you in class?"

He responds with a comment that scares her and then fires two


He kills her right there with me in his hands,

then other teachers come running too and gun sounds

rumble like drums from a band.

Josh kill 17 teachers and one student all because of his mental ways

Tricking the system with his dad

and leaving his dad to think "It was all just a fase."

This poem is about: 
Our world


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