The Generation That Had Enough

Another Orlando.

Another Aurora.

Another Columbine.

Another Stoneman Douglass.

Forget not colored skins who never made it to the headlines;

Forget not the unarmed Stephon, the hoodied Trayvon;

Forget not those who encountered bullets before raising hands.

Like a domino effect, schools have become shooting ranges,

Another story on the daily pages.

O’ Sandy Hook, will their weary spirits ever rest in peace?

Their generation has become test dummies.

Shall expecting mothers someday face the same fate?

Bring life on earth and allow this atrocious disease to take their offsprings.

How many more shall be next?

How many coffins shall be their beds?

Four, ten, seventeen?

Everything’s planned, but nothing’s expected.

Halted birthday candles,

Absent graduation seats,

Silent wedding bells.

What a dreadful epiphany!

Soldiers fight to protect us from the outside, yet

The inside chooses to kill U.S.

We breathing fleshes are o’ so blessed.

If there is one lesson our ancestors taught us,

Choose voice over silence.

Use your first amendment.

March for those who can’t.

Shout out loud to those who think us as naïve.

Listen, Mr. President, NRA, Congress,

We are nobody’s puppets.

Children shall no longer be your targets.

We are tired of statistics.

We are tired of identifying morgues.

How many times will you label the sane as insane?

Make pretexts that are lame?

Point fingers when you’re part to blame?

Even Stevie Wonder sees that teachers with guns was never meant to be,

For racism and anger make bigots do crazy things.

Citizens want change, not a recreation of The Purge 3.

Yes, we’ll rise. Our shouts will be heard;

Our screams ever so loud will cause your eardrums to burst.

We’ll become professionals you failed to be;

We’ll use votes to get rid of our enemies;

Take your jobs in twos or threes;

Even demolish some companies.

Yes, we’ll march like Martin,

Act stubborn like Rosa.

It’s either you’re with us or against us.

Just know,

“We are for peace, but when we speak we are for war!”


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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