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Four years ago I would be crying Devisitated Screaming out why me Looking inthe mirror trying to figure out whats wrong with me But now I stap back and look at it all Damn that was such a hard way to fall
Why did God give man a voice...                                           if no one would listen. Literally Im screaming..                     SCREAMING!. yet you call me soft spoken.
I know that I was hanging from a cliff you pushed me overand then all of a sudden felt safe looking up at you and while I thought you had grabbed me to save me,I soon found,I was the one who had grabbed your ankles,
Im running as fast as I can away from that path with the fork at the end of the road I've been down this road before Last time it left me hurting and picking up  the pieces shattered among the floor
the thoughts behind love, the thoughts, the meaning for love makes you want to go crazy and wild for, your heart chasing while your mind just being wasted, wasted off of your heart consisting pacing, your heart never stop chasing off of the though
Cut in two, ripped apart How could you-break my heart? Your love was firm, your love was rare But now I squirm, and I despair How did I change? Please tell me how I find it strange, but I’ll allow
A toast for the scumbag Three cheers for the jerk. Hip-hip for the asshole With his signature smirk. He struts down the alley With his head held so high He’s better than you So don’t even try.
It started at your ankles, rising slowly with the blood and sinews that attached it to your leg. I first was envious of your skin, wanting to be the thing that wrapped around you
There is nothing I can give you. No poems to read you have not read, no books, no songs to listen to and think of me that you have not already heard. There is no offering of peace or stability,
I woke up with you on my mind, the same way I went to sleep. I prayed for your happiness and welfare before my own soul to keep. I've been hurt and dragged and bludgeoned to death by the bombardment of my own heart.
Psyched and love-struck by you Dilate, constrict Constrict, dilate My heart is just as excited as my thoughts Did I eat a love bug? Or was that the pig I roasted from under the rug?
In my heart, is there a desire that may tear it apart? Is there love and hate, that may rise to a dreadful fate? Is there a soul, so dark from being cursed, that it blackens like coal?
Country fair, sweet seventeen There you were, and everything Faded from my view except The boy who had me won
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