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What an amazing woman!  Yes , my mother! A hard worker to have as a model . What an amazing giver! Yes, my mother! The teacher of giving. What an amazing soul! Yes, I get to call her my mother!
   I've seen you broken,     I've seen you pissed,    I've seen you at your worst,    And I've seen you at the end of your wits.     I've watched you sleep,     I've watched you awake,
I am more than the puppet in the photo. I am more than the papers I write. I am more than the family I've been given. I am more than the sheep, being suffocated by the flock.
Torn between fitting in and standing out. Torn between what's right and what's wrong. Torn between agreeing and disagreeing. Torn between family and friends. Torn between who I might be and who I want to be.
come herecome a little closer   let me tell you a secret,something no one will ever hearbecause frankly,most don't listen  
My intellectual capabilities dig beyond what you see, Ass & titties aren't so unique, You can't grab my ass like you can grasp my mind, Look down my shirt, you won't find divinity,
I misplaced the text. Hopefully the sound has good quality.
  Phase I.       Staring at the ceiling –
Grew up like all the rest of them Mastored how keep friends close  and enemies closer The hood signifes the latest  rap game and crime  only for people to watch on the news and
I have notlistenedto anything you have justfinished explaining.Forgive me butI was daydreaming about somethingmore important to me thanwhatever it was you said.
Does it always have to be me? The girl who picks people up; Who gives the encouragement that everything is going to be okay.
He longingly stared across the room at the girl with the fire red hair. Her beautiful smile and contagious laugh drew him to her like a moth to flame.
Black skin against white cotton fresh Beauty ripped from the land of purity Stolen virtue, unsure of direction Crowns ripped from bloody palms
Life moves on. 
Why do I hate school? 
Eyes tell so many stories. 
There’s a point in my life where I can look back.
A part of me is shaken.
We all know the bright white lights.   Ones of either hope or despair. Ones you see right before you slip under. Ones that wake you after.
Why do certain people view with evil eyes? If you listen close you can hear the childrens' cries. In a world of racism and hate,
They say if you eat your vegetables you grow strong I disagree whole heartedly I say pain makes you grow strong It’s pain that’s led me on my path The path of success So that I can justify my father
 Yes em master no em master
I was drowning and you were standing Three feet away, yelling
Please shut up. I hate your voice so. You know i'm ahead I'm even smarter than you were awhile ago.
Playing Paul VI. Camden Catholic's biggest rival. Down 52-50 with 20 seconds remaining. Cole steps onto the court playing in his first playoff game. He rubs his hands along the back of his shoes to remove the dust and quickly squeaks his shoes.
  SUNY Potsdam is where I've arrived, Where I stand on the shoulders of those who've strived. Even though were in good standing I need to vent about some issues that aren't worth baring.
Out there, far past rail road tracks and turnpikes A winding space that roils and roams and runs free. No blocks or segregations, just Green.
My feelings still strong, but another's long gone. Forget I must of a time once known, happy I was, but I must move on. On a road of pain and remorse I go, paths unclear but I still move on.
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