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Out there, far past rail road tracks and turnpikes
A winding space that roils and roams and runs free.
No blocks or segregations, just

I’m sure it’s a great place – but I’ve never seen it.
All I know is grey earth and
Iron trees with glass leaves and
Metal beasts with rubber feet.
Concrete and spires instead of forest fires
A place with walls and flickering light
Somewhere where you can be pressed up, squished
Tight against strangers waiting for a stop
And you’re all together, but still very alone

They say out there you’re
A knit together group, connected by the land
Property that links families more than blood
In the pewter streets, there’s only layered footsteps
And none are more important than those before or after.

Faceless fronts look out, but the people only
Pass by, quick fast now - don’t wait - don’t breathe - you’ll miss it
Miss the pieces of people shedding threadbare dreams

Sometimes, people want to go Out There
To rest, or stay, slipping from the stone womb
I’m sure it’s a great place. But it’s better, I think
Seeing neon signs instead of stars,
Firefly headlights on summer nights
The throb of freeways like one congested heart
A chance to be something new
Or old
Or anything
Among the sky scrapers and sewer valleys.

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