Forgive Me


I have not
to anything you have just
finished explaining.

Forgive me but
I was daydreaming about something
more important to me than
whatever it was you said.

That after school snack
sounds so appetizing
that it overpowers the words
I’m barely hearing right now.

I caught a glimpse of what was instructed
though it’s blurred and faint, looking so hard,
trying to figure out what is it that you want from me.
It’s like the game of Where’s Waldo?

Me trying to extract a lyrical, symbolic, creative
piece of writing for you,
is like attempting to search out and pinpoint Waldo
with all the things going on around him.

I couldn’t concentrate if I wanted to.

Now, Where’s Waldo?
He could be anywhere, but only somewhere.
What’s the idea?
It could be anything, but only something.

I know it must only come from that certain somewhere
to please you.
You said to try to put my heart into it?
How? when I can hardly put my mind to it.

That’s what makes it so much harder.
But I know I must make an effort,
and it may take what seems like forever,
but finally There’s Waldo.
Now please forgive me but do not
repeat yourself,
because I will not listen
once again.


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