I was drowning and you were standing

Three feet away, yelling

Telling me to "learn how to swim"

And when I dragged myself out 

You told me that's what I get for acting on a whim


You gave a new meaning to 

Kicking someone when they're down

And I felt like I needed you in my veins

Until I realized

I was happiest when I was coming down


I was suffocating and you were standing

Right above me, yelling

Telling me to "just breathe"

I needed steady hands

To pull me to my feet

And instead of helping me,

You told me what I was doing wrong

You said it was my fault


You gave a new meaning to

Not wanting someone around

And no matter how many times I couldn't breathe without you

I learned not to drown


I was falling and you were standing

As far away from me as possible

Yelling, telling me to "get up"

You said "I'm not someone you want to love"


When I stood on my own two feet

And cleaned off the dust

Accumulated on unspoken words

And neglected feelings

You said "you taught me how to love

By learning to love yourself"

You gave sick a new meaning


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