Linger in My Footsteps

 Yes em master no em master

Do u need me to wash your feet em master

 Shall i bow down on my hands and knees em master

 Every day language this is how I speak em master

Rugged Life on a plantation stripped from my integrity

Not able to run and consume my soul and mind as being free

 Looked upon as a foreign specie or an alien that just vanquished

4 heads 6 arms and 9 legs

 This is how my race is being looked upon

 We're mules that are being used to do the labor work of the white man and his mistress

I is been secluded to this plantation

Working the fields sun up till sun Dawn

Torn apart from my family

Dealing with the propaganda blood sweat and tears of my people

 My people that is that has created their economic prosperity

 Only to seek and find that my skies are restricted

 That my growth is an untouchable dream and that my future is inhibited

Oh lord please has mercy on me

 I is got no money no education or liberal rights to this here horrific society

 I is a vacant damned left in the wilderness to fight for my own

What Have we as a human race deserved to get mistreated like this

 I'm starting to fall into the abyss

 Losing hope losing dreams which my people often envision

 Us one day growing wings like a dove and soaring off into the deep blue sky

With no limits and bondage to another human being

 I just don’t get it sir, what makes them different from I

 What makes them feel as though they may be superior than I

 That they refer to me as a nigger besides the name that I was given at birth

 The color of our eyes and skin may differ


We are all human beings and deserve to be treated equally.


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