My People


United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

Black skin against white cotton fresh

Beauty ripped from the land of purity

Stolen virtue, unsure of direction

Crowns ripped from bloody palms

Joyous drums exchanged for tribulation songs

Beaten and bruised, told “You’ll always loose”

Never celebrated


Burning flesh, hung from nearby trees


Still enslaved although said freed

Manipulated through segregation

Self-worth torn from souls of righteousness

Beaten and bruised, told “Nigger you’re useless”

Never celebrated


Bullets shooting down peace

Boxed in by cells of steel

Hand in hand march for freedom

Rights denied, unjustified

Who are you to want this life?

Beaten and bruised, blackness equals strife

Never celebrated


Black skin bleached with chemicals deep

Born with hatred from the womb

White is right, the only way to be

Still enslaved, although said freed

Wonder lost, history stolen

You must stay strong even though broken

You will be celebrated


Black skin beauty, you must believe

Behold the light, you can achieve

Black is beautiful, bold and strong

Sounds of ancestor’s tribulation song

Fight for freedom, peace and love

Their always watching from above

Worth much more than what’s been told

Power within, worth more than gold

Televised lies to keep you down

But I am proud my skin is brown

Only believe the truth in you

You are beauty

You are wisdom

You are prospers



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