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I don’t wanna be dramatic  But I think you’re fantastic  It may be cheesy To claim you are dreamy    I swear your eyes shine so bright
im not exactly sure how it began or when it started, all i remember is that you were distant towards me for what seemed like the second week in a row since we last actually tal
when you fell from heaven you were screaming knowing that you were damned to hell for the sins you committed
There once was a lass who liked fashion.She said, "See the lovely bashan!"It was quite linear,But not very skinnier,She couldn't say no to the ration.
          That Gay Kid In the darkest depths of the earth
Through his eyes, I see the lightening hot streaks of the soulless metallic demons weapons as they rain down death from the dark crimson skies.
The world is Black, A bleak balance beam, and I am blind. The world is Silent, A plunging sense of destruction that makes one want to tear themselves apart. The world is Empty,
you know i love you, never intended to shove you, or getcha out my life, tentions inside just needed to get out, didn't think it'd be to bad of an idea to change route
The first time you made me yours, I never felt so brave Every touch upon my skin enticed an electric sting Each time we spent apart, I experienced a constant crave
In the early evening, I come home from the park. And inside my house there are shadows in the dark!
I. Summer, the dramatic scene As the stars are blinking, fading in and out, the bright moon smiles, slowly rising in the navy blue sky.
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