Lonely Seasons


United States
30° 52' 27.084" N, 83° 20' 48.7608" W

I. Summer, the dramatic scene
As the stars are blinking,
fading in and out,
the bright moon smiles,
slowly rising in the navy blue sky.

There are croaking frogs in the distance
and chirping crickets all around me;
the occasional hoot of an owl
speaks its wisdom to the earth.

A shooting star grazes across the darkness,
bright at first and then dimming to a glittery dust;
lightning bugs glow lime green
as they illuminate the sky.

Tis' a peaceful night
to be alone in South Georgia.

II. Winter, the comic scene
Winter has her cold fingers
wrapped in my hair.
She's tugging at my coat
like a kid eager to play in snow.

Winter has her icy hands
grasped around my wrist.
She's pulling me along
like a guide in a blizzard.

Winter's are never gentle;
they get cold and lonely, so
I feel trapped in a warm room
like a turkey in an oven.


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