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you know i love you, never intended to shove you,

or getcha out my life, tentions inside just needed to get out,

didn't think it'd be to bad of an idea to change route

but it caused fallout, from the explostion triggerd by frustration

facin emotional complication, chasin relief, settle the carbonation,

got stress elavatin though, increasin inflation, racin for a solution,

failing your obligaton, pains penitratin, goes in but aint diflatin

my priorities to stop pressure from raisin/ emiphany i had is makin

me want optimisim to flow, makin pestimest mood twist istead of escalatin

but now some how i got an ice berg in my chest replacin the space your wastin

the ice got me cold and shakin, when you turned around my heart was taken

now i'm tastin all this bitter fakin, why'd you take my heart, then let it be forsaken?

like i was your dream but only until you were awakin gotta heart to big for your palm,

filled with passion that you claimed stung when i was gone

but i got played over like a CD rom, how the fuck are you staying so calm?

do you really even feel the pain? you don't attempt to endour the storm and rain.

you screamed for me and i instantly came, but where are you when my hearts feelin slain.

i feel like i gave you my all, made myself vulnerable and i ended up tied down by a chain,

while you ran away and flew off on a plane, that quick you were gone some how able to float on

you made me go warm before now i'm saying fuck the world i don't want my soul to ever be thawn.

started with you makin me feel wanted, they were small words but your actions were very boldy fonted

i always kept my love for yoiu, even when it burned because when i had you 3rd degree burn aint shit to go threw

infact i waited so long that my love for you singed me to the bone, now i'm nothin, just a skelaton disintragtin alone.

ha and you know whats really a trip? something that makes me wanna flip makes it hard to spit outta my quiverin lip

i know you prolly don't give a shit but i hope you still believe the words i'm speaking and the thoughts that're leaking

even though the shit now sounds crazy, maybe it is just because without you my thoughts are so hazy

but i swear i use to feel you think about me, but as you further think you doubt me and would rather be without me

we use to be connected mentaly i'd stay it was definetly priceless sentimentaly.

listen, i say this honestly and truly, you might have tricked yourslef and fooled me but i still think about you daily

thoughts get deep long and spacy, i can litteraly feel your touch, see that smile that i been missing way to much,

lookin in your eyes i start to think how you breach into my thoughts and how you got my heart so close to your reach

how you make my breath be takin and losin speach, holding you tight you turned to my ear and whisperd

you said "baby i'm here till the end, as a lover or your friend. i'm here, so near. let go over you one and only fear,

your fear of enternally losin me, i'm forever yours and no other guy will ever be chosin me"

then you faced me and kissed my cheek i get high and my knees got weak. them my eye lids transformed.

they became a resivor, floodin quickly so my tears start to pour and leak, flowing like a creek to to the floor.

i need this i thought, not a single thing more. you wrapped your arms around me let your love enlose and surround me i was so grateful that my love had finally found me.. then BANG i woke up. heart pounding, but you and none of your love was around me..


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