Prohibited Passion


The first time you made me yours, I never felt so brave

Every touch upon my skin enticed an electric sting

Each time we spent apart, I experienced a constant crave

Whenever we locked eyes, all surrounding voices began to ring


Our love was never meant to be, some may call it obscene

The guilt that stirred inside of me was silenced by the yearning

My husband wouldn't believe it, he thinks I'm true and pristine

I didn't know how to lie to him, but our love quickened my learning


When I heard you were to marry her, my heart filled up with rage

Your fear to expose our forbidden love forced you into her arms

I begged for you to escape with me, but you were a coward trapped in a cage

I was just as scared as you, despite my convincing charms


Today's the day that she'll wear white, but I'll be wearing red.

If I can't have you in my life, I choose a bullet in my head



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