cry for help

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who could love these chocolate bones? when society kills my serenity with stones.  oppression and depression is now all I know,  when society has stolen every joy I once bestow.  
Dear Alcohol,
You.You think you want me outta your life?We both know that's a lie.Sure I'll give some space to fly.But without me long, you die.This is our complicated relationship.  Face it.
You.You think I don't know you,But you are as wrong as hell.You, I know all too well.This is true you can tell.I don't need to speak the obvious,The hidden person beneath the mask is you.
Your everywhere down the street  in my school Your even found down the gravel road You robbed me of my childhood my dreams even my sanity Momma always warned me about you
I inhale, Smoke fills my lungs. Leaving behind a bitter sweet taste on my tongue. Bitter poison but sweet relaxation. Absorbing into my bloodstream my own condemnation. I try to fight it, but too strong is the temptation
addiction you run through my veins and consume my body with a vengeance you take over me and leave me with no control just the vision of my downfall for my temporary happiness
Just one more drink you told me Just one more pill you said I wake up every morning And expect to find you dead
Endless despair courses through my hollow veins The hallways scream loneliness as I wallow in pain The drugs of the night breathe, the drugs of the night breath As it walks the earth people fall victim to the lure
Pain…I must complain, it’s killin’… my brain Sore…doc, what’s the cure…Son, there’s nothing…more. Defeat…bruised and beat… that’s how we’ll…meet.
Waking up and feeling hope. Hope only to be dashed by my own stupidity. Letting myself fall far away from help And drowning in my mistakes. How do I escape it all? Swallow another pill,
Let me fall into the hole I dug There is a pipe and lighter waiting, Marijuana and a bottle of Irish Cream Don't wanna surface
I'm not quite here, not quite alive, not fully functional, fading into wisps of what I was once upon a yester-year. Feel like I am crashing from a glorious high that I can never have again.
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