Possessed (pt. 1)

You think I don't know you,
But you are as wrong as hell.
You, I know all too well.
This is true you can tell.
I don't need to speak the obvious,
The hidden person beneath the mask is you.
This is you. This is me.  We are one and the same.
It has never been a game.
Until one of us wanted change and it came.
This is where I took you by surprise,
For I can play, can you?
Don't think you can stand against me long,
This is how it's been all along.
You alone, cannot sing this song.
But then again, who will stand by your side?
They say they are there for you.

If they knew the truth, they would run.
This is why those you love, you shun.
And silently sing this song well sung.
I am you. You are me. We stay together.

-Your Demon


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