Escaping Myself

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 17:33 -- fmoore


United States
42° 2' 15.3384" N, 97° 23' 41.5752" W

Waking up and feeling hope.
Hope only to be dashed by my own stupidity.
Letting myself fall far away from help
And drowning in my mistakes.
How do I escape it all?
Swallow another pill,
Suck in one more hit,
Gulp another firey drink,
Or throw myself at this man...
My past ways of getting better
Have led me to feel worthless
And hopeless.
But change is so hard
And it hurts all the more.
Seeing you succeed
Is a slap in the face.
I can see no alternative
For healing-
Except escaping myself.


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