Let Me Go


United States
37° 46' 54.0624" N, 122° 10' 54.12" W

Let me fall into the hole I dug
There is a pipe and lighter waiting,
Marijuana and a bottle of Irish Cream
Don't wanna surface

Let me fall out of this window
Wanna watch the ground rush to my face
Let gravity take over
Don't wanna be in control anymore.

Let me die
Don't wanna cry no more
Please don't cry
Don't wanna care no more
Let me go
Lying dead upon the floor

Let me go, set me free
These bindings really bother me
Holding me down makes me
wanna pull against them harder

Let me scream out in the wind
Yell at theirs and my mistakes
Cry out because of my suffering
Let the world know my pain.


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