Helplessly Inebriated

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 19:17 -- gmgst5


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Pain…I must complain, it’s killin’… my brain Sore…doc, what’s the cure…Son, there’s nothing…more. Defeat…bruised and beat… that’s how we’ll…meet. Oh how can I…how can I subsist I need this pain not to exist I’m sorry mama I can’t resist, I need you All you see is…yourself when you…look into my eyes Your selfishness…never ceases…ain’t that no surprise, you know what I’m sayin You blood sucker…you parasite…abbreviated So helplessly…so helplessly…inebriated Hey… what can I say…bout how I’m feelin…today? Score…I found the cure…the cautions…ignore Twinge…time to binge…and use my… syringe Oh baby numb my brain Liquor, reefer, crack cocaine Toxins ahhh fill my veins, I need you All you see is…yourself when you...look into my eyes You kill me…you hurt me…ain’t that no surprise, you hear what I’m sayin You killer…murderer…abbreviated So helplessly…so helplessly…inebriated Back in the day When I was afraid You found me. I was lost, Now my life was made You gave me everything For my disease You held my hand You said you’d never leave You helped me in the short term But not in the long I grew weak While you grew strong My teeth chattered I chewed off my nails It was like my train Was slipping off the rails That wasn’t the worst My bubble burst I was addicted And you quenched my thirst I lied, cheated, killed And I stole for you Went to jail, lost my life And my soul for you What mamma said Was always true I didn’t listen Cause I needed you



Mine written several years ago.
My first poem
“Helplessly Inebriated”

Pushing through the crowd
Searching for an end to
Pent up repressed anger
Staggering past yearning faces
Broken down feelings
Swirls of joy
And Fulfillment
Filter through sluggish mind
Of the excited release anticipated
Vision blurred
A singularity aim
The way now cleared as the crowd parts
Body seemingly on auto pilot
Tumbling to the floor then lifted
By unseen beings
Lights dance across the ceiling and flowing bodies
Just ahead, the single minded goal
Swinging blubbery arm in a wide slow arc
The masculinity before him steps away
Feeling the wind of knuckles
Pass under his chin
The masculinity returns the favor
Connecting with his jaw
A single tooth flies through the air
Covered in spittle and blood
Slow motion swaying
As the flown tooth drops into an angels martini glass
Horror crosses her face as his hits the floor once again
Surrounded he passes into unconsciousness

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