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                                           I couldn’t wait to say Hi when I saw her passing by. her stature is life
Don’t touch me beko, I am still decoding the kooko, the reason why Nigeria politicians are bloody cowards, liars of all hate narration, hate the nation.
  I tried to understand the essence of life, the meaning of existence but I found no sense, and everything to was just out of sense, vanity. But guess what I came up with. LIFE!
This is the air I breath, the blood that flows in my veins, the strength in my bones, the stronghold of my heart, the reason of my living, the secrete behind my prosperity, is the name.it gives me confidence in time of distress, and
Dear Mr Eric. Mr Eric!!
Stress is my weight Worth more in gold Stress is the world Of which we create And condem   I create today for a grade I create today for my A I create today for the stress  
They wish summer was longer, just one more week Pulling all nighters who the hell needs sleep Two nights before, procrastination at it's finest. The so called overacheivers not prepared in the slightest
I was naturally selected to fail.
A book asked me once: If you could take a pill that would make you need only two hours of sleep a day would you take it? And I said: I don’t know
The AP system kills love I don't care about you All i want is perfect grades To be better than the few   I want to rise to the top  That is my drug The ecstacy of  that 4.0
Nights spent in a coffee cup one light on in my head. Bleary eyes scouring the book  I might as well be dead.  From lack of sleep lack of life can I get one second? I need to close my eyes.
at peace in a class that looks nothing like me a plea to read the words of my people A.P
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