Don’t touch me beko, I am still decoding the kooko, the reason why Nigeria politicians are bloody cowards, liars of all hate narration, hate the nation.

Unlike ATM slips where we are having new slips everyday in our ATM machines, but Nigeria politics isn’t done but dump. Repeating same  old fashionable familiar people who knows nothing about change, who were  one time many times incompetence still comes to our TV, social media telling us about change; though change, changing all our changes, now our changes has changed our naira to chicken  change, and the only thing we can buy with one thousand naira now is just plantain chips and chichi. You don’t see people saying madam keep the change, because the country has grown just too bad, so now is affecting our brains. Where is naira in place of dollar, liars.

Liars appearing in our social Medias during manifesto as messiahs. Abor Abor, we begin to clap for them because they sound sense at first but immediate they started the main sentence which is their regime, we begin to see different rubbish, nonsense, less and everything within the country is just out of sense. Where are the youths? The youths of this nation Nigeria? They said the young shall grow the voice of many people. But the growth of the young ones has already been trashed, distraught,   cluttered, and mystified by our ghost old leader.

All our government offices from the highest to the lowest are being occupied by only old people, half dead people who have less , in fact nothing to live, whose thinking, reasoning’s are archaic, old doings, people whose bodies are designed with different mark; front mark, back mark, chest mark, everything mark and comma. whose faces are wrinkle but using our nation budget, our money to get their faces coupled.

Ada please tell them, Abar! This is beyond  wearing big Agbada, posting different pictures on facebook, saying different rubbish in our daily news papers, social medias, flying boyfriends, girlfriends, stepfriends, sexfriends abroad; spraying money, partying, spending billions of naira in bleaching creams, millions in eye lashes;  trillion for a protecting gadget, money that will  make my father to go wet. Using a whole nation budget for their own family and friend services, gallivanting in the world top hotels, yet back to our home there is nothing to tell.

A nation where the government is exploiting the people to feed the people, yet they said we are in democracy, the government of the people by the people and for the people. Living in anxiety because of bad authorities.

Nigeria is our country. this land is our inheritance not for political nuisance. I am tired of political godfathers, ghost old leaders, who set views and hold views, accept views only from their party members crews.   I have spoken and it is final, considering the public opinion as an insult. Though we have constitutions, laws guiding our behaviors but these laws, constitutions are only implemented not because of our leaders, the rich but because of we the poor. So what is our leaders doing with these constitutions, but only implemented to condemn us the more who the poor. Even those we trusted, that we gave power to control have  turned goats.

Where is EFCC?

Where are the looted  trillions of naira they recovered?

Nigerians, lets shine our eyes. Lets strive with all our might, stray before it is too late ease, our leaders we make us to be nothing but slaves.





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