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I tried to understand the essence of life, the meaning of existence but I found no sense, and everything to was just out of sense, vanity. But guess what I came up with.


Being filled with mystery, filled with weird, with so many questions that have remained unanswered.  when did I come and how did I come into this world  I don’t know. When will I go and how will I go, I don’t know either. Looking at side, front and back, up and down I sigh.

Who are mine?

Where are mine?

The answer is just so uncertain. The meaning of life is yet besieging.


You know, man born of a woman is of few days but full  of many troubles, a trusting wail and weapons, wandering side by side, placing the mind on the fence, bringing about indecision of which its result is worries and pains. The futility of life my mood I sigh. So life is just a banal, of which it nature, meaning and identity has proven to us that truly, this world is not our home. a home we called is where there is peace, love and joy. So what is my view about life, just like a messenger, a person send’s an errant from his kingdom to another kingdom, to see, feel, perceive and taste, and thereafter returns back to his real kingdom which the bible called the perfect home. Heaven.  and since we are messengers sent from a very far distance for a purpose, it is done on us that when we finally return to where we came from, so many questions are going to be ask, and each question requires an answer.


So what is our mission in this life? our purpose of coming here? Coming to this world we called life.

you know this world is a stage, and  every individual has been assigned a role to play, of which the story line is about love. Acting the love of God which is our mission. And of which the action of the play stated from the very day of the creation of man, and like seasonal film, so many have  come, acted and they have gone. While so many people acted poorly,  foolishly and  unwisely, few acted according to the instruction and wisely. And the instruction was to love your neighbour as yourself, but so many acted contrary to the instruction, doing evil by playing the hidden role, playing a god of their self. You know, a play is not complete without the audience, there must be an audience who watches, criticise and condemn, and who are the audience? I guess you know about the story.


The road of life is just too long and wide but we have started the journey already, going to where we don’t know but we are just   going, this is the suspense of life. But to everything that has a beginning must surely have an end, and to nowhere there is always somewhere.

So what does a man gain from all his toil? People comes, people goes. All stream runs to the sea but yet the sea is not full. To the place where the stream flows, there they flow again and again and again. The eyes is not satisfied with seeing nor the ear filled with hearing, what has been is what will be. What has been done is what will be done.

so what is life?

What befalls the poor befalls the rich. What befalls the fools befalls the wise. All the toil of man is for his belly yet his appetite is not satisfied.

the truth about life is this. This life is not our home. Just act your best now so that when the call calls, you just have to take your step and go. And during this short time of our life, we should be contempt with whatever we have. be happy and share every moment of your life.



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