A.P. (A Prayer)


United States
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at peace in a class that looks nothing like me
a plea to read the words of my people


a pleasure to know you didn't feel like me in all your
A.P's there's
(at max)
3 of Me's
a price to pay that costs more than exams
just to learn more a tad bit faster?

Goddamn A.P's
when your teacher asks you if you're in the right class

Kiss my ass, A.P's

when you're literally the only one of brown pigment

Fuck you, Advanced Placement

when Toni Morrison's required reading and no one else
can decode the

dialectical journals that made pale faces explode

white tears of white guilt when you don't understand
the pure feeling of joy when i see a brown hand
in the air

A Prayer for A.P.:

may your seats soon be filled with people like me.



Thanks for adding a great video! The title of this poem is great, how it has a double meaning. Also, you send a powerful message about segregation in classrooms and how outward appearance has nothing to do with intelligence. Check out the "Resources" section for even more tips and inspiration!

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