This is the air I breath, the blood that flows in my veins, the strength in my bones, the stronghold of my heart, the reason of my living, the secrete behind my prosperity, is the gives me confidence in time of distress, and I do mind you know the name. the name is so pressing and powerful, the name is the name that rename every other names, that by the mention of the name, everything that has a name whether fame or not fame, drain or not drain, has no say but to bow to the name.

the name is Jesus Christ, for every life without Christ highly lies in the eyes of the devil devices and the time you are supposed to be rising and flying, you started crying, striving and underlying.

Some people called Him the ancient of days. Yes, the ancient of days, for in those day He always says; rise up oh lame, for in His way there is no blame, shame or disdain, rage or pains, but courage, fame champagne and ultimate gain.

Why others called Him the Elshaddi. Yes, the Elshaddi which is our pride, that even before we were born, He called us to His side for us to exercise our right, that we will not die before our time,  but live to testify the places that He has prepared for us to lie, that  even though we will die, but not before our time; get it, for God has signed our enemies to resign for we to design.

But guess what I called Him. I called Him the most faithful, the unchangeable capable, the most honourable desirable, so beautify, admirable remarkable. So humble and gentle that each time I am in His presence I never wished to go home. He is so merciful that even when I am sinful and I thought I am not able, He offered me hope. His leadership is beyond democracy, his supremacy is of authority, His purity is of no comparison.

I called Him my master, my healer, my pillar, my redeemer, comforter and deliverer. My mirror and hero, He is my heart. His love stick fast in me and pears me weak.

He is just so fine, I never intended to cry but cometh tears in my eyes. His steps His speech I cant deny. His resurrection and ascension it blows my mind. But I am not surprise, is just of His kind. It is His nature and life.

I know Him. Resurrection and ascension is just a token of His might. He is the world and the fullness thereof . for in HIM there is life, and He is LIFE,  and He is in me, and now that He is in me what ease? We will move to paradise which is the next line, and I will embrace Him as if we are just seeing for the first time, then I will tell Timaya Rihanna that I have not their time, for the life I now live is no longer in their line.

Why ????




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