Dear Mr Eric.

Mr Eric!!

i am sorry for not informing you, though it happens sway and sudden, but i am sure i told you about Jennifer  my new catch.  i was sleeping when Jennifer called me, Fred !  let’s go out for a date. immediately i heard the word date my heart gyrate . running around my room like someone who has gone insane, without wasting much time or delay, and that is what i have being waiting to hear all this days, putting on my best clothe, i went out for the date. but i never knew that was the way to my grave.

On my way to meet her at her place, i felt some sign but i took courage. i thought of going back but i said no, i must sleep with her today, for opportunity is once, so i don’t want to make a mistake. take her to bed then go on my way, but if she is sweet i might come again, i might come again.

Then suddenly, i forgot my name; even Jesus I couldn’t call His name. and before i noticed, i was already out of my lane. i knew that a car was approaching me from far, i remembered, but how it made my car to face where i was coming from i couldn’t remember but the bang, and after the bang i felt relaxed. Then after some minute, the next thing i heard was noises all around me, people crying, take him out gently, take him out gently. his hands and legs are broken, his intestine are coming out, he is coughing blood,  take him out gently, take him out gently. Then, after a while, gradually the noise started reducing, gently, gently, and gently, till i couldn’t hear any sound any more. Then, after some minute, i took a step, then i stepped out of my body.

Immediately i stepped out of my body, i looked back. and when i looked back, i saw everybody running  helter-skelter, crying , and the doctor were just busy wasting their time, trying to bring me back to life, but i guess you all were foolish. you are crying because the help i am rendering is gone. who will i say hi to when i am passing by? he is such a brilliant handsome nice guy. a healthy man full of life. The pillar of the family is dead. People starve not to eat, crying because they will miss me, but nobody thought or think about where i am going.  

You keep on calling my name in tears, instead of wishing my soul to rest in peace. But mind you, you can cry the heaven and the earth and even kill yourself, but let me tell you , it is none of my business. my business is, you should be thinking of how and when you will be coming. Not this cry that you all are crying for me, cos you are making me angry and this is delaying my journeying, for where i am going, you have no ideal.

Think about me, the place i am going. Not what you are gaining from me that you have loose.  Just as one must stay one must live, it is only change not death. Just as i was promoted by my boss and you were happy, so also i was promoted from this world by my creator to the other world where i will spend my eternity. So what is the big deal ?  Why crying because i am dead ?  haven’t i  suffered enough on earth ? working day and night without rest. Don’t you have conscience ? Sorrows and pains being the most appropriate dance step. i regretted of coming here at first . The world is too bad is full of rust, and the only way you can be free, is to step out of this world.

please tell my people to let me be. for where i am now there is absolute peace. i feel the rain any more. my days of sorrows, worries , thinking about family, children, religion, education is over and gone, now i am in a new level in the place of God.

Leave me to go in this my silent journey. Do not call me for I will not listen, and don’t cry because of me, for truly you are disturbing me. Though, we will surely be together in heart, but only time will keep us apart. As I have gone, please have no tears for me. for where I have gone is the best to be.

 Serve God and do your best. Be of good heart until you depart. I can see the bottomless pit and the new earth from far, but where will I go and spend the rest of my eternity, though you knew me as a bad guy, you and I can’t decide, this is the suspense of the judgment. You know how the story was told. It is only those with pure in heart can see Jesus, only those with pure in heart can see Jesus. I am still waiting. Pray for my soul. Please pray for my soul, ease you will never see me again. Please pray for my soul. And don’t cry because I am dead, I only took a step to face the judgment, pray for my soul, ease you will never see me again.

Fare well

Mr Eric!!!

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