Alliteration, Angiosperms, and Antiderivatives

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 10:43 -- bmcm96

I was naturally selected to fail. Darwin did tell me about this thing called evolution but I decided to not listen. And as I watched my As and Bs evolve into my many Fs and Cs I was simultaneously taught the concept of irony exemplified in the study of life just happening to be the death of me. Then something strange happened. In my mathematical prime I was surrounded by f prime and integrals quickly became an integral part of my lifetime. Then I would take f double prime of me and that would determine concavity and I realized that I was concave down because instead of all my work being a plus, it worked itself out negatively and I would always have to bend over backward...for Cs. So now that we've covered the subjects of dislike, let's cover the subject of hate because there is a special place in hell for the word "annotate". But I'll quickly demonstrate my mastery of figurative language. Repetition and Paralleism. I hate Jane Eyre, I hate Pride and Prejudice, I hate school, I hate rhyme schemes, I hate English, I hate English. I. Hate. English. 
So angiosperms, you can go pollinate yourself. Alliteration, you can Indeed Induce apoptosis. And as for you, f(x), kindly introduce yourself to f(u)


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