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Overthinking things Makes me want to scream
Today is frozen in blue and white we live to stall upon a blank page This picture, now a photograph In black and white
What’s it to you friend If I had known you when we made some mistakes time and time again So let me tell you what; let me implore you the lesson
In the dead of night I close my eyes But cannot keep these thoughts outside I hear it scratching at my door And moaning from beneath the floor  
Ink on a page Filled with color Lines of stories never told Sequences of secrets Never unfold People never breathed into creation
I appear to be stuck in my own mind. It's been this way for as long as I've lived, Hidden in dreams, pretending to be kind. Overreacting I'm not that deprived, But I've realized I'm not the only one.
Dear Future Sadie, I’m a big procrastinator The world is filled with amazing sights to see and sounds to hear and people to meet,
Dear Future Sadie, Right now, I’m a big procrastinator The world is filled with amazing sights to see and sounds to hear and people to meet,
dear mom,   i'm sorry i couldn't make you proud. i'm sorry i couldn't live up to your dreams. i'm sorry i drive you crazy daily. i'm sorry i hardly speak to you anymore.  
Dear tomorrow,   You have always been there, waiting at the end of the tunnel coming silently in the night and then passing
My proclamation? This is what I've got; My motivation? Consider it shot; My concentration? Lost it on the spot; My procrastination? Worse than you thought; My generation?
1. Why do I need to care about anything? College is nowhere near I have nothing to worry about But only for one blissful year   2. My SAT is next week I still have yet to study
1. Why do I need to care about anything? College is nowhere near I have nothing to worry about But only for one blissful year   2. My SAT is next week I still have yet to study
I've been chilling Chilling and not working I haven't done that essay I didn't finish my homework and I didn't even start that presentation   The powerpoint is still undone.
I should be doing my work I have an essay due in 12 minutes Yet I’m writing this A poem I guess? I don’t really know Just staring at the crack on the ceiling Not knowing what to write
That warm blooming in your chest.   A immense feeling to do something Urging you to make or be something worth while.   That is Determination.   The most powerful feeling inside us humans.
Why do I do this to myself again, only to have the same results end? I know that it only hurts me, like a wave that pulls you under the sea. Only to wake up on dry land realizing I have buried my own head in the sand.
Let this be a reminder of what happens when you're lazy Riding, staring out the window when eyes are teary glazy Caused hte time's ticking, sneaking up behind you
Montanna is the name, procrastination was always my game, I would never learn until it caused me stress and insane pain, And indeed this fall semester I procratinated and it was a no gain,
Written by me, but from my mother's perspective, before she passed away.   Today you start school. All caught up, Green checks on every lesson. You don’t even have to set
They wish summer was longer, just one more week Pulling all nighters who the hell needs sleep Two nights before, procrastination at it's finest. The so called overacheivers not prepared in the slightest
Wow It's August SixthTomorrow is the SeventhI googled Haiku
Shit. Robbed again?! I Really need to keep an eye On the fucks I have.   Deprived and cheated
Invisible Man I should be reading you now I have a test and essay due on the morrow On your guts and analitical power But no I'm here Here doing Nothing On powerpoem express
I felt comfortable, still, and ready While I sat with my mind set and steady.
Second chances, second tries, fresh opportunties. But I'm like a broken record, there's never a new me Keep on doing the same thing, keep on fucking up things. Always the same pain, the same stress the same ordeals.
There is a beast I know quite well Deep inside my mind it loves to dwell  
I think I will get out of bed today I will I think I will go to work today           I will I think I should get a raise today I won’t   I think I won’t
Most of my motivation is gone. I see no moving forward.
If I could change one thing it would be my procrastination I'd say it must be ranked no.1 in the nation I applied my css late, cost me 20k off my tuition I wish i had some intuition
It consumes me
You don't need to worry You have time to shoot the breeze ("Why am I here,and what am I doing?")
Staring down at my book, I start to fall asleep
Awaken from slumber long enough To remind myself what's real   The part of me that's sleeping Is dying to wake up. The part of me that's wide awake Simply wants to sleep.  
It is six thirty in the morning when I wake up. Though many people wake up feeling refreshed, I wake up feeling heavy. Heavy from only having a few hours of sleep.
  You smile and holler, you’re feeling so great! You’re essay that you did last night was sleek! But never again will you ever wait! You’ll work on your projects for the whole week.  
I am not a hard worker I have no gritty determination no resolve pushing me forward like a juggernaut for the honor and pride of my family or for the passion of my soul
My fresh, new assignment On a crisp piece of paper in bold text "I'll get right to it!" I say As I lay it down on the corner of my desk Never to be touched again
The glass on my window moves back and forth The wind makes a pounding noise Every so often I have to check To see if someone is out there There never is anyone I am always alone And outside I can hear,
It's hard to build an education. Especially if you have a busy life. Things you're supposed to know. More assignments are expected from each teacher. It all requires time. So nobody should procrastinate.
Don’t have to get up if I don’t want to But don’t feel like sitting still So I think about what I want Slicing open the smooth white belly of a whale Soft and bloodied                
I… I think… I think I’ll… I think I’ll write… I think I’ll write a… I think I’ll write a poem… I think I’ll write a poem about… I think I’ll write a poem about PROCRASTINATING...
Procrastination tempts us all, Regaling us with promised time, Omitting, though, this troubled fact: Clipped-out minutes would be thine. Removing time from future selves, Assaulting goals you've yet to make,
Red, orange, yellow, blue and green All colors imaginable on one screen People don’t pay attention But the box is ruining more and more generations. It’s quite unbelievable The cartoons, characters and people
(poems go hereMy head is throbbing I want to slam it against the wall why oh Why has God disgrace me with a brain that is two sizes too small?
Absorbed in the delicate three beat rhythm While lost in her eloquent dance, She gracefully whirled from one spot to the next Never planning her steps in advance.
Day in and day out, Worrying about what’s next, Not quite ready to take the next step. I always have an excuse, like I can do it later, But deep down I know I’m only doing the devil a favor.
June. Yes... Yes, I heard you! A month, I've got. Time loves me.
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