I Need Motivation

That warm blooming in your chest.


A immense feeling to do something

Urging you to make or be something worth while.


That is Determination.


The most powerful feeling inside us humans.


It flows freely through us.


Soothing and Caressing our bodies and souls.


It makes us stronger spiritually and physically.



But, like any other thing that brings good,

There's always a dark counterpart.


It overtakes and nearly overcomes us. 



That is Procrastination. 


Procrastination is our strongest adversary

because it was born from us


Writhing and twisting just below our hearts.


Til' we finally let that one day pass through  to our tomorrows

Allowing ourselves to waste away in our sorrows.


Now it seems too hard to lift ourselves back up

We suffer under it's hold like a mouse wrapped in a snake's grasp.


It strangles ourmotivation,

 kills our determination

 so much that we sometimes laugh at those words



Where did you learn a word like that?


Determined to pass?

More like determined to sleep through the next class!


But, just like the beginning of time,

good always tries to win us over.


Procrastionation will try even harder to continue 

our descent into our live comatose.


But wether it's through music,

stories or anything else we see on our computer screens,

Motivation will come to us.


To open our minds enough for Determination to come back into our lives.


But sometimes we find ourselves addicted to Procrastination's simple life.


We simply let Determination fade away from us once more


..Just one more cat video..


And we are done for.


I can't and won't let that happen.


I need motivation everyday through my life and mind.


Procrastination still bears me down, 

of course. 

I'm only human.


I am no expert on how to keep it away,

but I will always get up and do something when Motivation touches my soul.


I will become what I dream of every night. 


And I will get nowhere if I let motivation go.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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