Just Your Average Procrastinator

Montanna is the name, procrastination was always my game,

I would never learn until it caused me stress and insane pain,

And indeed this fall semester I procratinated and it was a no gain,

I waited to apply for a loan and then to school, I couldn't go,

No funds to pay tuition, applying for scholarships, I had been slipping,

I despised school but didn't know what I'd do without it,

But when the opportunity was taken from me, there was no doubt about it,

I was devastated because without school I felt there was no purpose,

Working aimlessly, day after day, living life just skimming along the surface,

College meant more to me than I dared to admit and screwing up big time had finally made me realize this,

So here I am months later trying to get back to where I was before,

But I bet you one thing, you certainly won't catch me procrastinating any more.

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