Letter to the Future

Dear Future Sadie,

I’m a big procrastinator

The world is filled with amazing sights to see and sounds to hear and people to meet,

And sometimes I feel like I can’t help thinking about them

My mind can say, “Spanish, geometry, scholarships”

For as long as it wants, but a large part of me would be much happier

If I could just stare out my window and dream

And throw my responsibilities away

So I do, for a while

I write stories and poems until I practically drown in words

I imagine grand stories that play out in my head like movies

In theaters with no popcorn

I draw people and make up their lives for fun

I’m in control of everyone but myself

And I love it

But then, inevitably, due dates hang over my head

Like bats in a dark cave

I can feel the disapproval in their beady eyes

So I scramble to get everything done on time

Losing sleep for a letter grade

Is something I’m all too familiar with

In fact, I’ve perfected the art

Of pushing myself to the very edge of time limits

So I’d like to take the time today to stop myself from doing that

It's time to be in charge of yourself

Why wait?

I promise your books will still be there as soon as you’re done

Knock on the doors of opportunity,

And barge in if nobody answers

Watch a thousand sunrises and love them all

Let them remind you of breakfast and promises

Listen to all the strange noises you can,

From deep sea creatures to strange instruments to mysteries

Try strange fruits from everywhere you can think of

And revel in the taste of each one

But do what you need to first

And then enjoy what you want to do without feeling guilty

Because there’s a whole world out there

Just waiting to be discovered

What are you waiting for?



P.S. Splitting split ends won’t help anyone



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