what is love

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Allowing.  Lifting.  Holding.  Nurturing.  Being.  Weeping.  Forgiving.  Love can hurt.  But it can also heal.  Love knows how to say sorry.  And knows exactly how to feel.  No questions, no doubts. No controls in sight.  Love is the answer.
Time, it takes time, It takes time to grow, it takes time to find, it takes time to learn, it takes time to forgive, it takes time to let go,
han·a·ha·ki /häˈnôhäkē/ noun a mythological japanese disease caused by unrequited Love and/or a broken heart that causes the diseased to cough up or urp flowers
It knows no boundaries and is deemed a necessity  It needs not approval and there is no recipe It manifest from positivity, attraction, and hope
What is love? Because I love you I will trust you.   Because I love you I'll have patience.    Because I love you I'll remind you of your worth.    Because I love you
Because I Love You   because I Love you wear your seatbelt study for your test get some rest meet my family because I Love you    because I Dont Love you  leave your friends
Love is a strange feeling. Some people seem to think love is one thing, while others seem to think it's another. Honestly, it can be interpreted in so many different ways and seen from so many different perspectives.
What is love Love is a chemical reaction   Love isn’t black eyes and bruised cheeks Love is gentle caresses and soft kisses on Sunday mornings  
love be tender  love be rich  love me till my final breath  love be faithful  love be kind  love be the trusting lifeline  love be gentle  love be whole 
I wonder if love is like, Dancing in the wind,
Is it the way the breeze feels on the skin On a hot day, when you just feel it within Is it a child's smile? So innocent and Undeniable Or is it something unmeasurable? Something that's naked and unable.
Of all the things my life has led to I never would have guessed it would lead to you I was inexperienced quite,
She doesn't always get it right  At least, she's always learning. Her big mistakes and selfish ways Will one day be forgotten.   She doesn't always realize The weight she's born to take. 
The first day I saw you begged for you to be
Changes A Pit Bulls Name I see pain in those eyes,  each thing thats happened,
The most bothersome thing for me is my dog all he does is lie like a log He never wants to go and play catch no matter how loud I scream "Fetch"  It is so painful when he bites
He'll be out of his misery soon There it is The only thing I want to see A smile
As I come to my new home, I stand alone. No one beside me,
Sincere love is a trivial thing Not everyone gives, not everyone gets Humans focus on the worldly things around Judging and mocking on how fancy the suit is your walking in around
They say im man's best freind, But if that's true why are they doing this? Why do they hit me like they do? All i've done to them is love them, I've protected their kids and now this!
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