Holding On

Of all the things my life has led to

I never would have guessed it would lead to you

I was inexperienced quite,

Couldn't exactly see the light.

Had not a single idea of what I was doing

or what you may have been cluing.


I held on


Darling, for everything you were my first.

We led on but deep in you was a thirst.

there were times when I would quench it

others when I wouldn't even pinch it.

You forgave,

hoping, in a way that you want, I'd behave.


You held on.


Together with happiness we grew.

Together in hard times we came through.


We kept strong for two long years.

We pushed through it all, even the tears.


It was both our fault

when everything seemed to halt.

I carried on not knowing

What inside you was growing.

You went along not telling

What thoughts were so compelling.


We were gone.



Our hearts overcome with frost.


We are gone.


I went on a search

To find myself just sitting on a perch.

Time is nothing

Experience is everything.

Our time is not up,

Let me be the one to fill your cup.


I'm holding on.


There are feelings I see in you

Those that just make us click.

No, I know what illusions do,

My heart is playing no trick.


For you I work my heart to dust

It is something that I must.

Never in my life

Have I begun such a strife,

For I know it means something

When my heart cannot cut a string.

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