What Love Is

love be tender 

love be rich 

love me till my final breath 

love be faithful 

love be kind 

love be the trusting lifeline 

love be gentle 

love be whole 

love be something deep in the soul 

love be trusted 

love be deep 

love be anything but cheap 

love be joyful 

love be sad 

love to others may seem mad 

but love be simple 

love be complex 

love be something more than sex 

love be lasting 

love be tried 

love be a feeling that we can't hide

we change our hair,

we change our clothes

we change our skin,

we change our bones 

but we change and change till we no longer know:

who we are, or who we were long ago 

we change and change till all we know 

is who our love choose to bestow



This poem is about: 
Our world


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