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I celebrate peace with a white petaled rose, As the woes of a long war begins close. Though the principle I did not opposed.   Singing and dancing and ridding my horse,
Sweet tender Gaia, the goddess of the earth,  Picks up her apples with anticipated pleasure. 
Down the rivers, waterfalls, lakes, streams, creeks The waters should be wary of the company that comes close to its mud rich borders Listen close, not to the woods that gives you its greetings
The tree avenue Branches touch in arch    Leaves crunch underneath    Feet repeat in rows     The tunnel of dizzy shadow    
My Dearest Cricket,
There's a classic joke that everyone's heard, "A horse walks into a bar..." My love for that joke might seem absurd, and I guess I take it too far.  I use it to break that awkward quiet,
When I feel sad I go for a ride, Just my horse and me, We always stay in the same stride, My horse and me, My sadness and anger are lifted,
A feeling, a fluttery whimsical feeling, shot through my jaded soul upon the sight of the mare.   Her crème coat is sliced and sprinkled with jagged ribbons of scarlet,
You ask, What inspires me to take on each day, Well, he eats hay. Every day roll out of bed and cannot wait to see his head! With a winny and a neigh Sarge, my horse greets my day.
When I am feeling down Sad and lying on the ground I will go to someone who cares His whole body is covered in hairs My horse is always there for me
Horse and rider, Take pace beside her. Never a faltering stride. Crucified In metal and bronze, A monument meant to stand for eons.
Immediately Stop The War On Our Planet !!! Stop All Production Of Military Products !!! Our Planet Is Very Small Our Planet Is a Very Unique And Beautiful Our Planet For Children For a Peaceful Life
There is always an ember burning in my heart for you This type of love is rooted deep inside my heart
From the inside looking out A bright-eyed horse stands Head held high to the sky Ready to take on the world Without a single doubt  
I saw you Cowboy hat Wrangler jeans Boots and spurs Button up shirt Dark hair Light eyes yeah you bet I saw you I held my breath  Closed my eyes And tried so hard
As they run and gallop through the countryside, Their manes and hooves seem to glide. As fast and fierce as they can be, No other animal seem so free. Their love for human kind shows their big hearts,
Davy Jones Previously rode roans. Joining the Monkees he became very cocky, Later wishing he gone back to being a jockey.
Richard Boone Presented Paladin cards under an ominous tune. First gunslinger so erudite In circumstances likely to explode like cordite.
For Richard Boone Have Gun–Will Travel did not end much to soon. His skilled method acting and ridding well hid A loathing of horses he so deeply did.
I am from sweat and hard work,   from the searing heat of summer and the freezing chill of winter. I am from the horse kicked dirt, and the cattle-branded smoke blowing in the wind.  
Sweet, crisp, golden hay Shining, freshly groomed coat Tired but content Renee Missy begins to dote   Soft, whiskery muzzle Warm, sweet, breath Giggles when Missy gives a nuzzle
I love you, because throughout the years, You were always there for me.
I do my best thinking I satisfy my need for speed I exercise my dog I forge my own trails I erase my sadness I experience nature
Of course I would save a horse. What could be worse than a suffering horse? Hop aboard the rescue train, nothing can top saving a life.
She is marvelous.  Her dark coat glistens with love, shimmers with brilliance. Her eyes, dark with wonder, are brightened through learning. And she moves.  It is as if her legs know no limits. 
I ride a horse through dreary woods With crimson marble eyes. Swamp serpents circle chestnut trees Whilst I lash blackened thighs. We cross betwixt the mist and sea And piercing rays of dawn,
  I remember day I captured a perfect picture. The long humid summer, with skies a bold blue; the year of many sorrowful goodbyes.
His velvety soft muzzle gently felt my face. Each whisker tickling my soul. With a foot in his stirrup I lifted myself on to his back. Hugging his neck, I could feel his heartbeat
It is heard near the uplands,The sweet allure of your song from down belowYou wear your chestnut coat so wellYour brown mane shivers in the breezeOh majestic mare of mine, your neigh captures my heart
Horses are my life The Past Present and Future Everything to me
A powerful trot, full of pride and splendorHides a sleekness in step.The whole body moves in a single motionToo swift and majestic for its size.Acknowledging a strength almost unmatched in proportion,The beauty is as graceful as its shadowy coat i
My silver cloak, like molten steel,Draws swift the eyes of sons of men.If ground is sea then I am keel,And speed is well within my ken.
I am a Horse When I was born my owners saw me "She is a cart horse" they said My mother agreed But, I am not a cart horse.
Brilliant purples, pinks, and blues Blend in such amazing hues, My breath is taken out from me And as I stop to gaze, I see A stallion toss his wispy mane Then race away, ne'er seen again.
Running through fields, Wind in the mane, Holding on tight, Your surroundings start to blur, But the smile remains plastered. Putting your trust in the horse beneath, letting your worries melt away.
So many strange things running in a carousel With eerie music round and round, As the monkey bears its wide-toothily grin And blood drips from the jaws of the neighboring bear.
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