The Freedom We Find


The day slowly wears on, as I yearn for the fresh, sweet smell of hay. I long for the time when I am finally free. Ring, Ring, goes the bell. At long last, I am on my way!

When I arrive, my beauty stares at me and nickers. “Let’s go,” he says, stamping his foot. He is like a child, always wanting but never patient enough to get. I saddle up, and we ride off into the distance. Clip clop, clip, clop. Oh, how I love that joyous sound! It echoes like the sound of freedom. It lifts my heart high. At last, we are one. We could leap over mountains, or climb to the heavens!

The scenery passes quickly around us. All we see is white. Together, we dance on the clouds. The stars bow down to us and the wind screams for us. The mighty thunder claps for us, and the lightning lights up our sky. All the time, all I can see is white. It is our last dance. When it is at last over, he gallops off into the distance, his hoofbeats fading. Oh, my beauty, why must you go?TheFreedomWeFindPoem.jpg

Once he is gone, the loud silence fills my mind. I am left only with an empty heart and an empty mind. My solace has at last gone. It has flown away on the back of an angel. My soul shall forever yearn for the sweet sound of freedom borrowed, for it ‘tis not our freedom. It is the freedom allowed to us as a gift from God. It ‘tis the freedom we find from riding on angels’ wings and soaring beyond the impossible.


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