The centaur

Sweet tender Gaia, the goddess of the earth, 

Picks up her apples with anticipated pleasure. 

Nature's beauty surrounds her with frivolous wind and sunshine. 

All a variety of the lands most admirable treasures. 


In the midst of her daydreaming about wondrous tasks And the birds singing reaching her ears, 

She turns to find a shadow and a wonder appears. 

Pegasus, the gigantic horse, travels over 

As its tail hair flows in the breezy air. 

Gaia can not form words to the creature as she can only Merely maintain a stare. 


Both of the entities are in awe of their attraction for Each other and are grasping at their desires. 

Suddenly self control slips and the two embrace each Other with wildfire. 

They kiss and hold each other with caring love and grace

Afraid to depart as if they can not stop this rapid race. 


They soon make love with untethered passion 

Without a care or worry of what can happen. 

Once their intimacy is over, Pegasus is saddened as the Time has come for him to leave, and soon kisses Gaia

Leaving little time to truly grieve.


Gaia awakes and is hurt and alone, 

With a hardness in her belly

Perhaps it is stone?

Her stomach cramps and she writhes in pain 

And hopes to be relieved by her troubling strain. 

She soon feels a sudden relief and pressure 

And births an entity no other can measure. 


It is a beautiful beast, an intriguing site, 

A creature that will most likely give one a fright. 

Gaia is in shock yet in glorious amazement

And graciously adores it and laughs from entertainment. 


She wants to name what this new soul may be. 

A leopard, a shark or sweet morning honeybee? 

She feels a sense of calling that she cannot ignore, 

It is an alarming sense of passion; like loud chilling uproar.


She felt it and soon she found its name.


The uproar named like no other

-The centaur.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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