The Peaceful "Farewell"

Tue, 11/12/2013 - 10:37 -- ash4196



I remember day I captured a perfect picture.

The long humid summer, with skies a bold blue;

the year of many sorrowful goodbyes.

I wandered through the tall silent grasses,

brushing briskly against my limbs.

Gazing upon my beautiful bay thoroughbred,

grazing upon the green thickens.

At the time he was the happiest horse on earth.


Knowing the goodbye was rapidly creeping towards me,

I still hoped he’d get better,

and rid the leg pain.

He had become my everlasting prized possession,

ny best friend, my teacher, my horse, my hope.


As he grazed upon this luscious pasture

He strolled away without a sound, completely content,

t’wards the blinding suns rays, a gleam of shining white,

creating an unforgettable image.

His bay color changed to tint of red,

Orbs of light danced along-side to his gentle beat.

A soft breeze tickled his black tail.

The soft sunlight he strolled towards,
seemed to welcome his existence,
as if reaching a kind, patient hand
comforting him,
in the gentleness of love.

The memories of our bond surrounded me

like a sorrow-filled blue water.

The times when he launched me

across the air landing on the hard surface.

The hours of tear-filled “I can’t”s,

and cries of “I’m scared of him!”


The days we’d feed off each others emotions,

becoming angry and running around in a ravished craze.

Through time, I was able to finally win the battle,

and the harsh hours brought great success.

Wins at competitions, and compliments of perfect rounds.

There wasn’t a day our love vanished.

We’d gone through the good and bad together,

not as one,

but as a team.

I lost my best friend on the 5th of september,
a memory i will never be able to throw away.

For the years to come our bond will still remain;
untouched, unbreakable, like a shining, bright glare.
Reminding me of a journey of strength,
and the pristine power of love.
As he moved towards this patient, gentle light,
it helped me accept his death
for its true existence.

         He’d lived his last years in harmony.

          His existence carried him away with the wind.
And he moved towards the light, to graze in greener pastures.



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