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Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's ass, For jealousy leads to hate. But damn, she has such a nice, fat ass, And everything else she has is great. 
Flaw Laws By Samuel Michael Bienemy   Your flaws aren't what make you Your heart is what breaks you Your mind is wha makes you Your body is what frames you
Mmm ... Flawless ? Bossed Up ! Flaws ? I prefer my ways to who I am I wake up everyday feeling like I am the only one of my kind The only one who will do anything and everything Bossed Up!
This is me. I'm weird, random, and Flawless!!! Though things weren't always like this my past is in the past and all that lies ahead is my future. A path less traveled on but its my path out of the dark.
I put on my dress, do my hair, my makeup, boom i'm flawless. I'm thanked for an act of kindness, I feel flawless. I scored the winning goal in my soccer game, wow they think i'm flawless.
I don't have a flawless walk. I don't have a flawless personality. I don't have flawless beauty. I'm not a flawless worker. I try to keep my love flawless, Especially my love for animals and God,
Long brown hair. Big brown eyes. Gap-toothed mouth. Breasts big size. Long nailed fingers. Cold back heart. Fat filled stomach. Such unique art. I am different.
I am judgedCalled names and tossed to the curve
People replace the word beauty with flaw . How could they do such a thing?
i am a bird i fly towards the sky no boundaries to keep me contained they try to catch me pull me down with their words beat my wings but i will fly those things cannot hold me back
Beauty is not something seen but something taught Many women do not know true beauty But I do Beauty is not something you wear Beauty is not something you can cake on Beauty is not measured
Society's expectations like an avalanche Cascading down                               Destroying                 Crushing I bear it until I fear I will suffocate         And then I run.
Perfect  She screams at me Without flaws  She shouts in my direction That voice perching on my brain This one in a million day that I am knocking it out of the park
Every other summer we travel to Michigan The landscape's so open and calm The beauty of the tall hills of sand The beauty of the freshwater lake
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